2ND JULY 2022

Skirmish Pro Training Center are hosting an open training session.  Prices are £40 per person and include a box of field paint (other options available on the day)

The training is for the SupAir Field which will have the current CPPS field but also for use will be the Hyperball for Drills, Snap Shooting etc so don't be sat waiting use the other field and make the best use of your time

5 man series

3rd April 2022

8th May 2022

7th August 2022

9th October 2022

Gates will open at 7.00am with the Captains meeting at 8.15am sharp. We aim to have the first game playing at 8:45am.

There will be initial seeding games then teams will be split into divisions. with Trophies in each division to 3rd Place.

Total price of the event is £310 per team which includes 5 boxes of Field Paint (£50 Deposit to secure place).  Skirmish Sponsored Team discounts will be applied to the final balance on the day if applicable.

Paint upgrades will be available (with prior notification) and availability and Brand will be confirmed before game day

Please Note:  Each booking is for a team not an individual.